Wolf Creek Dam is one of the largest Dams in the United States, and forms Lake Cumberland on one side.

Cumberland River side of Wolf Creek Dam in Jamestown, Kentucky

Wolf Creek Project was originally planned from the 1920’s.  The ground breaking was held in the 1940’s with construction beginning thereafter under the supervision of the US Army Corps of Engineers. The project was halted during World War II.  Following the war work resumed and in the lake was completed for full use in August in 1952.  The body of water was officially named Lake Cumberland in 1954.  Wolf Creek Dam is the 22nd largest dam in the United States.  Operation of the lake is for primary purposes of flood control and production of hydro-electric power.  Lake Cumberland is 101 miles long and is one of the largest man-made lakes in the Nation.  Each year millions of visitors travel from all over the United States to come to the lake Cumberland area to enjoy the rugged beauty of its 63,000 surface acres and 1,255 miles of wooded shoreline.