Lake Cumberland Waterfall Trail

Photo of girls sitting in front of a beautiful waterfall on Lake Cumberland



Lake Cumberland is famous as the Houseboating Capital and is one of America’s favorite lakes for boating, fishing, tubing or just cruising around. One thing that everyone agrees on is that Lake Cumberland is one of the most beautiful lakes in Kentucky – featuring gorgeous rocky cliffs, crystal clear water and of course… spectacular waterfalls!

Photo of someone on top of a Lake Cumberland waterfall

We have put together a small list of Lake Cumberland Waterfalls for you to find with your GPS… of course this is just a beginning, keep watching as our list continues to grow.

Many waterfalls are best seen after a heavy rain.  Remember to always wear a life jacket!


Two small Greasy Creek Waterfalls – N 36° 58.004′  W 085° 03.858′

Photo of a fairly large waterfall on Lake Cumberland

Greasy Creek Waterfall with Rope swing – N 36°58.072′ W 085°04.230′

Greasy Creek Waterfall (The Big One) – N 36°57.638′ W 85°04.713′  This lovely waterfall is 4 levels. A rope swing is in the waterfall area.

Greasy Creek on the way to old 127 Bridge – N 36°57.936  W085°04.834′ .  This is a small waterfall on the way to the bridge.  Be sure to go slow and stay on the rock wall side, which is the deepest part.  Be sure to use a depth finder if you have one!

Woolen Mill Waterfalls – N 36° 57.938′  W 85° 04.972′ .  There are two lovely waterfalls on the other side of the bridge. To be safe, only access this area by canoe, kayak or small watercraft – Check the water depth!

Harbor Springs/The Bluff Waterfall – N 36° 56.618′  W 085° 02.273′ . Two waterfalls can be found in this area.


Lily Creek Smaller Waterfall – N 36° 57.736′  W 085° 02.324′ . This is a smaller waterfall before you get to the “Little Louisville” waterfall. This smaller waterfall is located across from a boat platform.

Little Louisville Waterfall – N 36° 57.800  W 085° 02.461′


Photo of 76 Falls - the largest waterfall on Lake Cumberlnad

76 Falls – N 36° 46.807′  W 085° 07.551′ – 76 Falls is the largest waterfall on Lake Cumberland at 37′ tall at the lake elevation of 723′.  *Think twice before jumping off the top of this waterfall (even if you see other people doing it).  There have been fatalities and many neck and spinal injuries as a result of hitting the water from the top of the falls.  Just don’t do it!


Sid Bell Falls – N 36° 48.460′  W 085° 01.636′ – Handcock Creek ends here in a 5′ waterfall. The banks near the waterfall are short ledges with trees close to the water. *Before Lake Cumberland was created, Bell’s Mill was located here.


Photo of a Lake Cumberland Waterfall in the Beaver Creek Area

Twyford Point – N 36° 8304′  W 84° 9385′  – There is a lovely waterfall located in the Twyford Point area of Lake Cumberland – I believe these are the coordinates.  Someone also recently used the address of 2171 Twyford Point Road, Monticello to reach the waterfall by water , which might be more accurate.


Norman Hollow Waterfall – N 36°.9001030  W 84° .8845190


Photo of 3 kids standing under a Lake Cumberland Waterfall

On the way to Conley Bottom –  N 36° 56′ 57.3″  W 84° 53′ 30.3″