TRAIL – Geocaching Power Trail

10 + Miles

Jamestown & Russell Springs  are a mecca for Geocaching!  Follow our Geocaching “Power Trail” straight down Highway 127, into our Marinas, the Lake Cumberland State Resort Park, and Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery!  Hundreds of caches can be discovered as you enjoy your time in the Lake Cumberland area.

Geocaching is a high tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by outdoor adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices or a Smart Phone.

The basic idea is to locate hidden containers (called Geocaches) outdoors, and then share your experiences on line.  Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the Geocache container at that location.  Geocaching is FREE & the ultimate outdoor adventure.

Go to and type in 42629 for Jamestown or 42642 for Russell Springs and get started today!

Call 270-866-4333 for additional information.