5 Incredible Places to View A Lake Cumberland Sunset

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Sunset over Lake Cumberland

There is just something magical about a Lake Cumberland sunset – the magnificent colors set off by the majestic cliffs that surround the lake.  Every sunset is different and brings forth the promise of a new and glorious day.  No matter how many times you get to experience a sunset over Lake Cumberland, it is always magnificent.

Lake Cumberland sunsets are so magical, we have put together a list of our favorite spots to sit back, relax and watch the “Nightly Show.”

A Lake Cumberland Island – 1,250 miles of shoreline and 63,000 acres of water, Lake Cumberland is so proud to also be home to several incredible islands.  Many people love to tie their boat up to one of the islands and be inspired by the natural beauty of Kentucky, Lake Cumberland and our gorgeous sunsets.

Sunset over a Lake Cumberland Island

The Shores of Lake Cumberland – One of the most popular spots to tie up a houseboat or pontoon is on Low Gap Island.  Sitting on a houseboat or viewing the sunset from the beautiful shores of Lake Cumberland can give you an up close view of this nightly wonder.  Always take time to witness a sunset and relax.

Lake Cumberland sunset from the shores of Low Gap Island - houseboat

Lake Cumberland State Resort Park – This popular resort is surrounded on three sides by beautiful Lake Cumberland.  You can be almost anywhere in the park and see a magnificent sunset, but a great idea would be to watch the sun go down while enjoying a wonderful dinner at Rowena Landing Restaurant inside Lure Lodge.   This great waterfront restaurant is indoors with large glass windows, giving you a panoramic view of Lake Cumberland.  The restaurant has a full menu, bar, and a delightful buffet.

Lake Cumberland Sunset - Lake Cumberland State Resort Park

Halcomb’s Landing – One of our favorite sunset viewing areas is near the Wolf Creek Dam at Halcomb’s Landing.  The Army Corps of Engineers has constructed a brand new, park like peninsula that juts out into Lake Cumberland, making a perfect sunset viewing area!

Halcomb's Landing in Jamestown Kentucky is a perfect spot to view a spectacular Lake Cumberland sunset.

Houseboats – Spectacular sunsets can be seen right from your own vacation houseboat! Lake Cumberland is the Houseboat Rental Capital of the World, and we know Houseboat Vacations like no one else.  Not only does a houseboat make a memorable vacation, you can see up close and personal, the most incredible night sky.

Lake Cumberland sunset seen from a wonderful rental houseboat