Fall Leaf Travel Ideas Around Lake Cumberland, Kentucky

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Best Places to see fall leaves in Kentucky

In Autumn the Lake Cumberland area is more beautiful than ever and absolutely bursting with a kaleidoscope of colors making the hiking trails absolutely magical, the back roads of Russell County stunning and putting the Wow in our waterfalls!  You definitely don’t have to go far for a brilliant Kentucky fall getaway!  There are so many places that you can see extraordinary Kentucky fall colors, but here are a few of our favorite spots.

Lake Cumberland State Resort Park is without a doubt Kentucky’s #1 State Park and a favorite spot of many for fabulous fall colors! Located in Jamestown and surrounded by beautiful Lake Cumberland, you can view stunning fall colors while eating at the restaurant in the Lure Lodge or relaxing from the back patio of your very own Lodge room!  For those that want to surround themselves in nature, be sure to hike on one of the Lake Cumberland State Resort Park’s hiking trails or rent a boat from the Lake Cumberland State Dock and see the vibrant “watercolors” from your own Lake Cumberland boat rental!  In addition to some of the lovliest lakeside hotel rooms, the Lake Cumberland State Resort Park also has a variety of luxury cabins with each one surrounded by spectacular nature.  If you love camping, be sure to check out the fabulous Lake Cumberland State Resort Campground with 123 gorgeous sites & watch for full hookup sites coming soon!

Where to see fall colors - Lake Cumberland State Resort Park Where to see fall colors in Kentucky

Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery is located by Wolf Creek Dam and home to several wonderful hiking trails & a great place to immerse yourself in spectacular fall colors! Whether you like to fish or not, the trails along the Hatchery Creek Trout Stream are great for experiencing Autumn colors. Hatchery Creek goes all the way to the beautiful Cumberland River and has some breathtaking views. “The Nature Explorer” Trail is located around the back & to the right of the Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery education center and is an interactive hiking trail and passes through a variety of ecosystems, winding around Hatchery Creek and then back to the Hatchery again.  “Whispering Pines” Trail is a very gentle trail within the Kendall Recreation Area.

Lake Cumberland Hiking Trails - Kentucky Hiking trails Great hiking trails around Lake Cumberland - Nature Explorer Trail at Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery

Creelsboro Natural Arch is a natural feature and historic archway to the Cumberland River.  Creelsboro Natural Bridge is the longest natural bridge, or natural tunnel, in the Highland Rim section of the Interior Low Plateaus biophysiographic province. The occasional diversion of Jim Creek through the tunnel into the Cumberland River is an outstanding illustration of subterranean stream diversion. This is the process that formed and continues to form the bridge. In addition to the beauty of the archway and the Cumberland River, this historic site is surrounded by exquisite trees that are in full & vibrant glory around the last week in October.  To get to the Creelsboro Natural Arch take Highway 379 into Creelsboro and continue 2.4 miles to a gravel road and turn left (there should be a sign that says Creelsboro Natural Arch or “The Rockhouse”.)  Coordinates:  N 36 53.073 – W 085  14.237.

   Creelsboro Natural Arch in Jamestown Kentucky

TAKE A SCENIC DRIVE on one of our country roads and tour our wide open spaces and beautiful fall foliage from your automobile. There are any number of routes you can take for a fabulous auto-tour.

AUTO TOUR 1 – Big Lily Creek Waterfall (Highway 619).  As you travel south on Highway 127 and get to downtown Jamestown, take the 3rd exit from the turnabout to Highway 619. Take this lovely route for as long as you want, but be sure to notice the beautiful waterfall and surrounding fall foliage on left side of the road.

AUTO TOUR 2 – 76 Falls From Above.  Set your GPS for 1749 Seventy Six Falls Road in Albany. Whether you are viewing 76 Falls from the lake view or by land, this is a lovely and very large waterfall.  The drive there is lovely with lots of beautiful fall foliage and magnificent vistas.

AUTO TOUR 3 – Lake Cumberland State Resort Park.  Start driving south on Highway 127 to the Lake Cumberland State Resort Park in Jamestown and then drive through the over 6 miles of road through the park to the Lure Lodge. On your drive, not only will you see some of the most spectacular fall colors, you’ll see all kinds of Kentucky wild life and extraordinary views of beautiful Lake Cumberland.

Where to see Fall Leaves in Kentucky

View Fall Foliage From Anywhere on Lake Cumberland. Our Watercolors will WOW you for sure!  Russell County, Kentucky has the largest collection of rental houseboats (in one location) in the world and we are experts in small boat rental as well.  Take in our wide open spaces and the freshest of air on Lake Cumberland on a rental pontoon or ski boat from any of our five marinas here in Russell County, KY.  There are numerous islands and waterfalls on the lake, making the fall foliage even more magical!

Kentucky fall foliage and where to see it - Lake Cumberland

Kayak the Cumberland River and see some of the most dramatic fall foliage in Kentucky! There are a number of places that you can launch your kayak along the Cumberland River. The first 16 miles of water from Lake Cumberland’s Wolf Creek Dam to Winfrey’s Ferry is a great place for canoeists, kayakers and owners of small johnboats to float and fish. A few mildly challenging shoals exist in this stretch, perfect water for beginning canoeists and kayakers to hone their skills.  For a full description of this magnificent stretch of water, click here.

Kayak and Canoe the Cumberland River in Jamestown Kentucky