Lake Cumberland State Resort Park – Lure Lodge Restaurant

In 1750, Dr. Thomas Walker, the first frontiersman into Kentucky, stood on a high bluff overlooking a giant river.  Impressed by this stream flowing from the mountains of southeastern Kentucky, he named in in honor of the Duke of Cumberland, son of George II of England.  Some 200 years later, Wolf Creek Dam was constructed on the Cumberland River forming Lake Cumberland, the 3rd largest lake in Kentucky.

Lure Lodge is located on a steep cliff overlooking one of the broadest expanses of water on Lake Cumberland.  Guests have a panoramic view of our beautiful Lake when dining at the Lure Lodge Restaurant.

The Lure Lodge is famous for their buffet meals – most specifically the seafood buffet.   If you would like a true Kentucky taste experience, you will have to order the “Hot Brown” off the menu.  Kentucky State Parks are ranked 3rd in the nation for the BEST Hot Brown!

5465 State Park Road

Jamestown, KY 42629

(270) 343-3111