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Photo of a Kentucky log cabin at night with the porch lights reflecting in the pond. Night time log cabin rental in Kentucky

photo of a family outside their log cabin around the year 1800. Black and white early log cabin photograph. Kentucky.Thoughts of a Kentucky log cabin evoke a mental image of Abraham Lincoln, Daniel Boone, and the American Frontier as well as reminds us of the smell of fresh maple syrup, the feel & look of a log cabin on a snowy day, and family gathered around the fireplace; the traditional log cabin was key in literature like Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie which is a beloved story that many of us grew up with. image of a black and white drawing of the inside of the log cabin in Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder In the early days, the typical log cabin design was a small, one-room hut with one door and possibly one or more small windows. The logs were stacked and the spaces were filled with mud to keep out the wind and cold. There were no nails during this time, so the logs were fastened with notched ends, or with wooden pegs. For the roof, overlapping rows of short boards were used. The floor was hard packed clay and the window openings were covered with oiled paper to let in a little light. The home was heated with an open fireplace that also served as the cook stove.

Today, people are still enchanted by the thoughts of a log cabin and flock to vacation areas that specialize in a “cabin getaway.” Of course cabins now come in all shapes and sizes and many cabin rentals are far from rustic. Kentucky, deep in history, is one of best places for an authentic log cabin vacation stay.  The author, Henry David Thoreau, once said, “We need the tonic of wilderness…At the same time that we are earnest to explore & learn all things, we require that all things be mysterious and unexplorable, that land and sea be indefinitely wild, unsurveyed and unfathomed by us; because unfathomable we can never have enough of nature”.  The feeling that we can’t get enough of nature is what drives vacationers to search out an authentic Kentucky experience — and what could be more authentic in Kentucky than a cabin rental vacation.

Photograph of a small log cabin rental on Lake Cumberland from Indian Hills Resort Alligator II Marina. Lake Cumberland Kentucky vacation rental cabin.

The Lake Cumberland area of Jamestown and Russell Springs, Kentucky is rich in history and vacationers can disconnect from their bustling lives at any number of cabin resort locations – on the lake, the Cumberland River or in the beautiful Kentucky woods.

Photograph of a couple standing on the back porch of a cabin in the woods at Lake Cumberland State Resort Park in Jamestown, Kentucky

Lake Cumberland State Resort Park – Jamestown, KY

One of the most popular places to rent a cabin is at the Lake Cumberland State Resort Park in Jamestown, KY.  The Lake Cumberland State Resort Park has undergone a complete renovation of not just the Lodge/Hotel, but also every one of their Lake Cumberland cabins and cottages. In addition to your Lake Cumberland cabin rental, the Rowena Landing Restaurant, at Lake Cumberland State Resort Park, offers a panorama view of scenic Lake Cumberland to our dining guests. Menu selections reflect the heritage of traditional Kentucky cuisine served with our renowned hospitality in a comfortable setting, for a memorable Lake Cumberland dining experience. The restaurant also has special dining experiences throughout the year- such as the the signature holiday buffets on Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. As an avid supporter of the Kentucky Proud program, the Lake Cumberland State Resort Park restaurant buys Kentucky-grown produce, country ham and beef.

photo of a Kentucky brown cabin with a green roof. Kentucky cabin rental

LakePointe Resort cabin rental – Russell Springs, Kentucky

Other popular Lake Cumberland, Kentucky cabin rental opportunities include the wonderful cabins at LakePointe Resort in Russell Springs – located just 3/4 of a mile from New Lake Cumberland Marina (formerly called Alligator II Marina).  LakePointe Resort features 10 two-bedroom Lake Cumberland cabin rentals as well as a beautiful Lake Cumberland motel.

Lake Cumberland Marina is less than a mile from LakePointe Resort & offers vacationers an authentic Kentucky log cabin rental experiences with a modern twist. These lovely Log Cabin rentals are right by the water and the Lake Cumberland Marina “Beach” area.

Photo of a modern Kentucky log cabin. Kentucky log cabin rental on Lake Cumberland with light colored logs and a blue roof.

KOA Campground in Russell Springs, KY

It’s water, water everywhere when you stay at the Russell Springs KOA campground right next to Lake Cumberland, in one of Kentucky’s most scenic recreational areas. Camp here, and it’s just a mile to the Lake Cumberland lake shore, boat ramp, boat rentals and restaurant. Lake Cumberland fishing is great year round, and so is cruising along the lake’s meandering shoreline. Also be sure to visit the area’s other key water attraction: Cumberland Falls has been dubbed the “Niagara of the South” and is one of the nation’s largest waterfalls. There’s plenty more to do in the area as a Day Trip – including Mammoth Cave National Park – and plenty to do right at KOA. Play a set of tennis or team up for some volleyball, then cool off in the pool. The recreation hall has cable TV and plenty of video games. Pool: May 20 – September 12.

Safe Harbor Jamestown Marina has a variety of cabin rental options for vacationers including:

Rustic Fishing Cabins: Located in a remote, tree-shaded corner of Jamestown’s grounds, these old-time angler’s quarters are as comfortable as they ever were, and represent the greatest bargain of the resort’s lodging options. Housing from two to six people, our rustic cabins are available as two- or three-bedroom units, with full bath, complete kitchen space and cable TV. Other amenities vary by unit.

Log Cabins: These authentic log cabins, whose two bedrooms and spacious loft comfortably house up to six, give you the ultimate backwoods experience with no chance you’ll be roughing it. Full bath, living space with cable TV, a complete kitchen, and sleeping quarters consisting of two double beds and bunk bed/futon combo give your friends and family ample room to unwind. Because you’re after the log cabin experience, there’s also—naturally—a charcoal grill to give your well-deserved meals that unmistakable backwoods taste.

Safe Harbor Jamestown also has a beautiful lakeside hotel where every room gives you a panoramic view of Lake Cumberland!  In addition, they have just added adorable “park model” cabins for two people. These park model cabins are clean, cozy, and entire Safe Harbor Jamestown property is pet friendly.

photo of two authentic modern Kentucky log cabins. One cabin is made of grey logs and the other log cabin has light wood logs. Both Kentucky log cabin rentals have blue roofs

Authentic Log Cabins at Jamestown Marina

From horse racing to the culture of Appalachia, Civil War significance and Abraham Lincoln, Kentucky is a state enriched with deep traditions, important history and authentic heritage.  Kentucky cabins are very much apart of our history, offering peace, quiet and panoramic views of some of the most scenic country in the United States;  Lake Cumberland, Kentucky cabin rentals attract vacationers from all over the world.

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“Look into nature and then you will understand everything better.”  Albert Einstein.

Disconnect with the world & reconnect with family with a lakeside cabin vacation rental.