Fall Muskie Fishing in Kentucky – Green River Lake

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Muskie Fishing in Kentucky - Green River Lake

One of the most popular spots in Kentucky for fall muskie fishing is Green River Lake State Resort Park in Campbellsville, Kentucky.  Green River Lake is a  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers lake encompassing 8,210 acres at normal pool elevation with an average depth of 40 feet and a max depth of 85 feet above mean sea level.  Water levels are controlled by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and may fluctuage depending on rainfall.

Most of the shoreline as Green River Lake is underdeveloped, hilly terrain with some exposed bedrock.  There is a good population of largemouth and smallmouth bass, but muskie are the most sought after fish in Green River Lake.  There is said to be greater numbers of muskie in Green River Lake than neighboring states or even Canada with more muskie over 30 inches in length!

Stocking of muskie in Green River Lake contribute to the great muskie population.  According to records, Green River Lake receives an annual stocking of about 2,800 13 inch muskie.

The unpredictability of the elusive fish make muskie fishing a fun challenge in early autumn in the state of Kentucky. Muskies put up a fierce battle with some weighing as much as 70 pounds, according to guide service Kentucky Mountain Muskie. Most muskies caught in Kentucky waters weigh between 20 and 30 pounds, but visiting anglers can bring home an even larger trophy fish once the waters start to cool in the fall.

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