Fishing Guides for Winter Angling in Kentucky

Kentucky trout and striper fishing is excellent in the winter months

Lake Cumberland fishing guides offer year-round fishing using covered and heated boats. These licensed fishing guides can make your cold weather experience more comfortable, safer and productive.

They know where to fish in Lake Cumberland’s 63,000 surface acres, as well as the beautiful Cumberland River.  Lake Cumberland fishing guides are familiar with how the lake changes when the Army Corps of Engineers lowers lake levels in the winter and the water release schedules of the Wolf Creek Dam.

Stripers can be caught year-round, and trout bite willingly in cold water.  Lake Cumberland also has great Walleye and Crappie fishing in late winter and early spring. “There is no reason not to do well fishing in winter on the Cumberland tailwater as the water temperature is pretty controlled by Wolf Creek Dam,” said Ron Brooks, director of Fisheries for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.  “The fall and winter are the best times of year for big trout.  As long as it is not too cold to be outside, anglers should do well.”

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Lake Cumberland Fishing Guides offer year-round fishing charters using covered and heated boats.