Get Hooked on Lake Cumberland Winter Fishing!

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Great fishing any time of year on Lake Cumberland, including winter fishing

If you’re looking for prize winning catches, then Lake Cumberland in Kentucky is the place to be! The variety of fish on Lake Cumberland is incredible – Crappie, Bream, Walleye, Trout, Catfish plus five species of Bass, which includes Largemouth, Smallmouth, white, Kentucky, and Striped!  The great variety and quality of the fishing on Lake Cumberland has given this wonderful, large, lake undisputed honors as one of the top fishing spots in the country!  Lake Cumberland fishing is all year long, and the fish are biting every day!

The Cumberland River below Lake Cumberland as well as Lake Cumberland do not have the big temperature swings that many lakes experience, making both great fishing experiences any time of year.  “There is no reason not to do well in winter on the Cumberland tailwater as the water temperature is pretty controlled by Wolf Creek Dam,” said Ron Brooks, director of fisheries for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. “The fall and winter are the best time of year for big trout.  Just a month ago they captured and released two brown trout over 10 pounds in one night during annual population sampling,” Brooks said.  During the winter months the trout move to the shallows and stay there to feed.

If you are looking for Walleye on Lake Cumberland, they look for swift water in winter and early spring, which is their natural spawning ground, which you can find in the Cumberland River and in smaller tributaries of Lake Cumberland.

Some of the country's best fishing can be found on Lake Cumberland

Striper fishing on Lake Cumberland is hugely popular during any time of year. From mid September on into winter, stripers are taken trolling and live baiting during early morning and later afternoon, at medium depths usually 20 – 30 feet.  Live baiting with shad has become increasingly popular and productive. The current freshwater world record is 60 pounds 5 oz and most people feel the next world record striper will come from the deep recesses of Lake Cumberland.  (There has already been a 58 pound 4 oz. striper taken out of Lake Cumberland).

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