Houseboat Vacation Tips

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Houseboat rental on Lake Cumberland, Kentucky complete with crystal clear water, waterfalls and beautiful nature

Houseboat vacations on Lake Cumberland are perfect to reconnect with family and friends, and a unique way to connect with nature, while still enjoying all the comforts of home.  If you are new to houseboat rentals on Lake Cumberland, we have compiled some Kentucky boating tips and tricks to make sure you have smooth sailing on your Lake Cumberland boating adventure.


How much food should I take?  There are many things you can do to prepare for dining on a houseboat.  One of the best tips is to prepare in advance as much as possible.  You can cut and chop veggies, do some pre-cooking etc.  A favorite houseboat rental tip is to divide your guests up into couples or “teams” and assign meals for specific days.  This divides the work and no one person is left doing all the cooking.  Pro tip:  Some marinas offer “provisioning” where you can order your food online & then it is packed on your houseboat when you arrive.  Be sure to inquire about provisioning.

Family fun on a Lake Cumberland houseboat in the evening under the stars


How much fuel will my houseboat rental use?  As a guide, you can expect to use on average $110 – $150 per day for gas.  How much gas a houseboat will use depends on how far and how much you drive your houseboat around.  Pro tip:  The larger the houseboat the more you will spend in gas.  The faster you want to get somewhere…the more gas you will use.


How to tie up a houseboat:  Lake Cumberland is a very deep lake, and because of that, our houseboats do not use anchors.  You will want to tie up to strong trees with good solid roots or wrap the ropes around solid rocks. Then run 2 more shorter ropes off the front cleats to the closest trees. This is the easiest thing you can do for your first time outing. You want the ropes as tight as you can get them. Family houseboat vacations on Lake Cumberland are a great way to make unique vacation memories and bring family and friends together.   Pro tip:  Make sure to check all ropes when tying up for the night or when tied up to a dock. A loose rope can make your houseboat drift into the shore or get caught in an outdrive.  *There are many beautiful islands on Lake Cumberland to explore, have a campfire or swim.



Important Houseboat Vacation Tip:  One of the most important houseboat rental tips is to do a head count of passengers before starting your engine. Make sure your entire party is out of the water before starting the motor!

A houseboat vacation on Lake Cumberland brings both family and friends together in nature with all the comforts of home.


Tips for driving your Lake Cumberland houseboat rental:  You will get a “Captain’s lesson” before leaving the dock at the marina.  The Captain should never leave the helm while driving the houseboat, and an equally bad mistake for beginner Kentucky boaters is turning off the engines as soon as the houseboat comes into a slip.   Pro tip:  As a Captain, you should never count on anyone else to stop the boat for you.


Best places to rent a houseboat:  As the houseboat capital of the world, Lake Cumberland is your best choice for houseboat rental. From the crystal clear water, which stays warm late into the season, to the beautiful waterfalls, islands and rock formations, Lake Cumberland is one of the most popular lakes in the United States.  With over 1,200 miles of shoreline, our lake is BIG – you can be with people if you want or find a private cove or island all to yourself.

Lake Cumberland State Dock has over 100 houseboat rentals which come in all sizes – something for any size group!  The State Dock Marina has more houseboat rentals in one location than anywhere in the United States!  This very popular Lake Cumberland marina makes boating in Kentucky the very best!

Jamestown Resort & Marina is another large and very popular commercial marina on Lake Cumberland offering guests several choices in houseboat rentals.  Professionals in houseboat rentals on Lake Cumberland. Jamestown Marina has a wonderful ship store and waterfront restaurant called “The Cumberland Tap.”


A houseboat rental on Lake Cumberland, Kentucky is a great idea for your next girlfriend getaway