How to Plan a Houseboat Vacation

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Photo of a houseboat on Lake Cumberland with a family using the houseboat slide

Lake Cumberland Houseboat rentals are perfect to reconnect with family & friends…every person in your group will find something that makes the Lake Cumberland houseboat vacation the “best vacation ever!”  Houseboats on Lake Cumberland come complete with beautiful kitchens, living areas, super comfy & modern bedroom suites, and many houseboats offer a variety of slides and hot tubs!  Lake Cumberland is famous as the Houseboating Capital, and we are experts in making sure our guests have a great time on the water.

Reserve Your Lake Cumberland Houseboat rental at:   OR at Safe Harbor Jamestown Marina.

HOUSEBOAT RESERVATION TIP:  As you prepare to reserve your houseboat, you will notice that the prices go up and down depending on the season.  The most affordable months to rent a Lake Cumberland Houseboat are March, April, May (up to Memorial Day), September, and October.  The end of June and July are premium months, but still can be very affordable.

WHAT TO TAKE ON A LAKE CUMBERLAND HOUSEBOAT RENTAL:  Houseboats at the Lake Cumberland State Dock come equipped with:  Towels & Bedding, Basic Cooking & Eating Utensils, Coffee Maker & Toaster, Life Jackets, Garbage Bags & Marine Grade Toilet Paper.  For a full list of what to bring on a State Dock Houseboat CLICK HERE .

Houseboat rental at Jamestown Marina  include marine radio, gas grill, basic cookware, dishes and cutlery, cooler(s), deck furniture, tie-up ropes, and US Coast Guard approved life jackets.  Pack your groceries and your clothes, bath towels, biodegradable toilet paper and embark on an unforgettable cruise on your floating home-away-from-home.

HOUSEBOAT PACKING TIP:  Triple check the list of what’s already supplied by the marina houseboats so you don’t waste space bringing things you don’t need – and even worse – forget things that aren’t provided.  As an extra, bringing your own pillows can sometimes help you feel more comfortable & sleep better at night.  Renting a houseboat as a group?  Try coordinating among yourselves so you only bring so many sets of sun lotion, hair dryers etc.

HOUSEBOAT MEALS:  Meals on a houseboat are what you make them – easy or elaborate.  The Lake Cumberland State Dock offers a Provisioning Service & allows you to order your food online & then it is ready and packed in your houseboat refrigerator when you arrive!  This is designed to take all the stress out of meal planning – when you step on your houseboat you can be relieved that the shopping is done, kitchen is organized, meals are planned and the drinks are iced.  *For State Dock Provisioning Services, orders must be placed two weeks prior to your arrival.

HOUSEBOAT MEAL TIP:  If you decide not to take advantage of the provisioning services, you can make your meals at home & freeze them solid and bring them along in a cooler!

Marinas on Lake Cumberland rent more than just houseboats!  Ramp up your fun on the water with a double decker pontoon, premium pontoon, ski boat, fishing boat, jet skis or kayaks!

SMALL BOAT RENTAL TIP:  Many houseboat vacationers like to rent an additional small boat to go along with the houseboat & tie off the houseboat in a certain location & use the smaller boat to “jet” around the lake to visit marina shops or the several waterfront Lake Cumberland restaurants.

A LAKE CUMBERLAND HOUSEBOAT IS EASY TO PILOT: Operating a houseboat is easy and no previous houseboating experience is required.  Before you set out, an experienced captain will give you a lesson on how to operate the boat.  The Captain will drive everyone in and out of the marina.  While on the lake, just ease into the bank and tie off.  If you have any questions, help is just a radio call away.

There are more rental houseboats on Lake Cumberland (in one location), specifically in Jamestown, Kentucky, than anywhere else in the United States!

A Lake Cumberland Houseboat Vacation makes for a memory making, unique vacation  – Your Family Will Love You For It!

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