Kentucky’s Best Fall Fishing Is On Lake Cumberland

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Lake Cumberland Striper Fishing

Russell County – The Home of Lake Cumberland, and one of the premier fishing destinations in the Eastern United States!  Lake Cumberland’s clean and super clear water hosts an impressive amount of fishing species including crappie, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, white bass, sturgeon, catfish, sauger, bluegill, rockfish, walleye, brown trout, lake trout, and rainbow trout.  Many of the Kentucky state records have been set right here in Russell County on Lake Cumberland & the Cumberland River.  Russell County is also home to several professional fishing guides and charters!  For a full list of Lake Cumberland fishing guides, go to

As summer changes into fall, the fishing season really starts to heat up and the uglier the weather, sometimes the better! The falling barometric pressure that usually comes along with dark clouds snuff out a lot of sunlight and creates better conditions for predator fish to ambush prey.  A light rain or even snow makes this scenario even more condusive to catching large smallmouth bass.  Bright shiny days just after a frontal passage are nice, but are some of the worst days to fish.  Big, deep water equals big fat smallmouth bass, and the largest ones use large amounts of deep water as their home.  If you’re looking to get some of the largest smallmouth bass in colder weather, definitely stick to the main lake nearest Wolf Creek Dam.

Lake Cumberland crappie can be best fished for during March thru June and then again in October.  Although live baiting with shad is increasingly becoming the most common in the fall and winter months, other methods have also proven successful.  When fishing for crappie and bluegill in the fall, they can be found under water brush in the mouths of creeks using minnows, jigs, and tubes in about 12 – 15 feet of water.  Lake Cumberland Crappie Fishing


Lake Cumberland is best known for it’s large population of bass, and the striped bass is a favorite catch. Lake Cumberland is a 63,000 acre haven for big stripers and is the only lake that the Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlike stocks with striped bass.  The best time to fish for stripers on Lake Cumberland is April through June and September through October.  Although winter striper fishing can also be quite good! Best lures for striped bass are large jigs, spoons, and crank bait.  The best fishing is on Lake Cumberland for stripers

If you are looking to fish for sauger and walleye on Lake Cumberland the best location is the tailwater by Wolf Creek Dam. The best time of the year is during the colder months of December through March.  When fishing for sauger and walleye on Lake Cumberland you should use jigs and minnows.

Lake Cumberland Walleye fishing