Lake Cumberland Floating Cabins

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Lake Cumberland floating cabin rentals

Now in addition to Lake Cumberland cabin rentals near the water, marinas around the lake are offering floating cabins on the water.  This unique concept adds a new dimension when looking for Lake Cumberland places to stay.

Floating cabins are a cross between a cabin and a houseboat with all the same amenities and the tranquility of water around you.  The simple difference is floating cabins are stationary in the water and houseboats are movable.

What a unique and fun way to experience a Lake Cumberland family vacation. With multiple bedrooms and plenty of space, these cabins are big enough for families and friends to share for a week or weekend getaway!  When you’re staying at a marina, boat rentals, Lake Cumberland dining, and other amenities are easy and nearby.

Houseboat vacation rentals, floating cabins as well as lakeside log cabins are available by contacting Lake Cumberland Marina (formerly Alligator II Marina).  Give them a call at 270-866-6616 to speak one on one with a reservation specialist.

Lake Cumberland floating cabins are brand new at Lake Cumberland Marina!