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Houseboat rental on Lake Cumberland

If you are looking for a unique and fabulous spot for your next girlfriend getaway, then Lake Cumberland has what you might be looking for!  Get those best gals together and start planning a Houseboat Vacation on one of the largest and most beautiful lakes in the U.S.!  Houseboat rental on Lake Cumberland is easy and inexpensive, especially when you split the cost with your best friends in the world.

Find a cove and enjoy the best houseboat vacation in the U.S.There’s no reason to miss the beach with these lovely shorlines and islands to dock your houseboat.  You can stay on the houseboat or explore and hike the surrounding islands or just swim in the crystal clear Lake Cumberland waters.

Lake Cumberland houseboats come complete with lovely and luxurious bedroom suitesPamper yourself and your best girlfriends and enjoy the luxury of a houseboat vacation on Lake Cumberland.  Each houseboat comes complete with lovely bedrooms suites, full kitchens and bathrooms and most have bars, hot tubs, slides and sunbathing areas.

Get your best girlfriends together and enjoy a houseboat vacation on Lake Cumberland

Something magical happens when girls (of any age) get together and get away to a destination.  “Girls just want to have fun”, and a Lake Cumberland houseboat vacation can make that happen.

For more information on creating a one of a kind getaway with your besties, Click Here or give us a call at the Tourism Office (270) 866-4333.


Lake Cumberland is the best place for a houseboat vacation and the best place to rent your vacation houseboat

Relax in the sun by day, and watch the sunset at night atop a Lake Cumberland Houseboat Rental