Winter Fishing Tips & Tricks on Lake Cumberland

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Lake Cumberland Fishing

As the weather cools down, the water temps drops, the fish start to slow down and bottom lay to wait on a meal. Their metabolism is running on empty as they preserve energy in the winter months. This doesn’t mean that they won’t bite, it just means that patience is in your favor when fishing Lake Cumberland.

When starting your winter fishing trip here on Lake Cumberland you want to prepare and know what to expect. Whether you are an experienced Anglers with years of practice and a perfected bait and cast, or you are new to the lake scene and don’t know the difference between a mill worm and a night crawler, there are plenty of ways you can make your outdoor adventure successful. Local to Lake Cumberland, Kentucky, we have fishing guides that would love to see you make the catch of your life and will show you all there is to know about where to fish, how to fish, and may even help you reel that monster in! Morgan’s Guide Service and Laker Guide Service are just a few that you could call and schedule your lake adventure today!

Winter fishing anywhere is not for the faint of heart, its tough out there, guys! You need to know what you are working with to know where these fish are hiding. This time of year, the fish will be schooling and following bait. Anglers should focus on the Main Lake Points and mouths of the creek. This is where they like to stay, close to the banks and under brush. Channel swings and bluff walls are the perfect hideaway and is exactly where you need to be.

When baiting up, you want to look appetizing and appealing so shad colored lures are perfect. Most baits that are going to yield your best results are going to be your Jigs, Spoons, A-Rigs, Float-N-Fly, and Swim Baits. When you throw these, you want to be sure to slow the movement of them and don’t be jerky. Like we mentioned earlier, they’re reserving energy and don’t want to fight too hard for food as what they do catch, metabolizes much slower in these cold months. You want to keep your movements steady and your bait near the bottom of the lake.

Next, you want to be sure you make as many casts as possible, its imperative that the fish notice your bait so in and out, in and out is the pattern, always keeping your line wet.

Winter Fishing does not offer the best weather patterns here in Kentucky. Anglers need to pay attention to these patterns and prepare their trip prior to a weather front rather than after. Fish tend to feel the pressure change and respond to that after the weather front moves past. Although, if you happen to be on the lake after a big winter rain, you could luck up on runoff where the fish like the movement of the warm, fresh water and you could have one of the best fishing trips of the winter.

When thinking of Lake Cumberland fishing, don’t just think of us as “Summer Fun”, we offer year round adventures and opportunities. Lake Cumberland never freezes because our winters are usually mild, so when you are sitting at home with nothing to do, no matter the time of year, look us up at, for a full list of Fishing Guides, and come on down to see us.

The Fish Are Waiting!